RIP my sweetheart Quinn

Hey guys, I just returned from a PBE, so.. hm. First of all, I would like to say that Quinn is my main champion so far for most roles, it is always pleasure to play her. Sometimes I wanted to see her a little buffed or reworked because you can rarely be satisfied with all aspects of your favorite champion, sometimes I was totaly ok with it because I did not want to see her too popularized so every schoolboy can go with her like I CARYY THE TEAM. Freaking schoolboys man. Oh that carefree days... And guess what? My dream has come true and Quinn got her little upgrade, yay! I was so excited that I had to see it on the PBE, so I did it... Oh god, why I did it... I was crying. I was crying a lot. it hurts so much to see as the only ray of light fading away in this dark abundance of unbalanced, overpowered, universal and easy as bread champions. (I wont talk about ultimate, it is controversial and not that bad as Q nerf. Just look. Blind was the one and the only thing that made Quinn half-suitable. Yes, passive is good now, realy good, but it is still just passive. Even Poppy is better now) Please, do not do it with her, better let her go with honor like Urf. Now I have to be with her in her last hours and hope that season 6 will never happen. Farewell my dear.
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