How to get out of silver?

So I have been playing ranked for some time now, my estimate would be 3 and a half months, bronze was easy to escape since I was placed at bronze 2 right away (took me 2 weeks) Not sure how that works, but I was glad to get out of bronze. (*I've played LoL for over a year in total) One would assume you just need to improve at the game to climb each elo division. I would agree slightly to some degree, but for the most part I disagree since, even if you are fed 15-0 with a super easy snowball champ like yi, garen or annie, your efforts can easily get significantly cancelled out by your team feeding/going afk, wrong objective calls, childish behaviour and easy tilting which curses the low elo divisions (bronze/silver and possibly even gold). From my personal experiences I suffer from at least 2 of these problems pretty much every game, I'm not toxic at all and I never blame other players when they make mistakes and I rarely type in chat unless it's beneficial information, e.g jungler top side or I'm being just being friendly. Let's imagine a hypothetical 5v5 Ranked Silver match. [Top] Jax vs [Top] Garen [Jungler] Rammus vs [Jungler] Yi [Mid] Annie vs [Mid] Ekko [Adc] Tristana vs [Adc] Jhin [Support] Morgana vs [Support] Lulu For those in higher elo, you know Garen counters Jax, but jax scales into a deadly monster the later a game goes, however chances are if you are in silver or bronze your teamates usually don't know champion counters, how to manage waves, ending a game etc. Very rarely unless you get a decent smurf on your team, and that player who pretends to be one in the champ select because he didn't get the lane he wanted and ends up feeding anyways. Imagining all players know what they are doing, then it's a fair 5v5. Unfortunately in many matches one who can argue that it's not a 5v5 match (or a fair one), when you got a 0/5 Tristana and a 0/3 morg, but the rest of the team is doing well, however the entire enemy team is doing well, is that not technically a 3v5 at the current moment? Since you can't teamfight unless the enemy team doesn't know what they are doing, not being able to teamfight means no objective control, further bringing the team more and more behind/weaker. I just want to know, is there nothing you can do other than duo with a reliable player you know? The random element of match making in ranked, makes so many things unpredictable, add to the fact the high amount of possibilities a single game can go. Do you win by being good or lucky? Or is it a combination of skill, luck and perseverance, keeping on improving and finding other good players to play with. Is that how you climb Ranked to the very top?
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