The Miss Fortune "rework" is nothing more than a band-aid with a massive hidden nerf (Copy f Reddit)

So I've played a lot of MF, over 500 games I would estimate, and am current on her. These changes are nothing of any consequence.They fix none of her issues, and do not help her problem points in any way. Miss Fortunes problems come from three areas: 1. Miss Fortune has no clear item paths due to obscure scaling. 2. Miss Fortune is a low mobility ADC with no escapes. 3. Miss Fortune is a teamfighter who cannot deal the correct level of damage in the crucial early phase of the fight. To expand on this.Miss Fortune gets increase magic damage from AD scaling, via impure shots, which is a nice little version of mixed damage,but the damage is too low to make any actual difference. Her ult scales with AP for no understandable reason. A passive of a free pair of mobi boots is terrible on an ADC, since the moment she gets hit,she gets slowed, and with no escapes and self peel limited to one weak slow, she is too easily closed on and killed. The sole consolation is the grievous wounds allowing her to duel enemies other adcs would be killed by. But now thats gone. Finally, her ult deals nowhere near enough damage for the difficulty of landing it. Curse of the Sad Bullet Time is no longer a thing, as even low elo players know to spread out against tank engages, and a 1400 range spell is no longer "long range". Even if you do get it to hit, it deals pitiful damage compared to two seconds of Crit auto attacks from other adcs. Miss Fortune could have been easily upgraded into a modern ADC with some simple changes. 1. The magic damage from impure shots, both on auto attacks and ult benefit from crit chance the same way ashe does. This rewards following standard ADC build paths of AD/AS/Crit, rather than having to attempt to stack AD/MPen/PPen in some oddball combo. 2. Miss Fortune should be rewarded for standing and fighting instead of running away. Her Passive is to set her up for the fight, then she stands there and blasts you away. Grievous wounds on the impure shots active helped, but placing more utility into make it rain,such as a hybrid shred of some sorts would definitely help her go toe to toe with people who manage to dive through to her. 3. Others have said that the number of Bullet Time waves should increase with As, but thats lucians gig. A simple base value buff and AD scaling would be enough, when combined with the hybrid shred of make it rain and the crit chance scaling of impure shots. It is difficult to get two seconds of uninterrupted channel, at only 1400 range (to the backline),as an ADC. It should be rewarded. Miss Fortunes game-play identity is completely anchored in the big teamfight.Unlike other teamfight ADCs such as Graves or Varus, Miss Fortune is not mobile, is not bursty,and is not focused on control. She is a widespread engine of destruction, who stands there and and blasts away. If you close on her, she has the tools to fight you, and if you run, her passive should help her chase you down. While the new VFX are nice, the mechanical changes do not help modernise this old champion.
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