What is Pyke? [Roles covered / Balance Issue]

Really what is it? When created what was his purpose to be? It haves a cool kit and all but... he feels very unfair. 1.) His habilities level ups. - Why would anyone put a point in W or E rather than in Q? Really, leveling up the other habilities does literally nothing, I find this as a Issue since this enables him to not only be super powerfull early game, where this only slows down at lvl 12 and only scale a bit more again at 16 for ult, since his W/E level ups are pointless and give little to no boost! This problem is so bad that he can fill any role, in the game. Want to counter zed? Pick pyke mid, it just work as Todd Howard says. - Q starts with High coldown but it doesn't matter because each level decrease coldown by 2 and it is the only habilitie worth upgrading, point above. Not to talk about if he misses his Q he isn't even punished. - Pyke haves his W and R very powerfull early on, it doesn't feel rewarding to play with or level up, you just do what you have to do with those habilities and with the passive it is SO HOLY MUCH FORGIVING!! 2.) His damage and tankiness for his role. - Pyke is a support assassin. Cool af ideia! But what I feel over this year is that he does everything by himself, and isn't really support. 2.1) What he does. - Pyke: CC <|> HIGH damage with burst <|> holy miracle movement <|> Tankiness. 2.2) CC - Grab/flip[closeRange] or slow (stab, wich deals full dmg for some reason). - Dash that creates a line that stuns, cool. 2.3) HIGH damage - He is an assassin overall. Getting AD instead of maxHP is cool, and making it "combine" with habilities is a pretty mechanic, "balances" well his passive. - Finisher ultimate, feels very rewarding for being pacient or just good. - The grab combined with duskblade's passive slow, prepares so well for the stun, but ok, it's fair. - ! This is the part with is not fair, if he fails his Q, just E out and wait to try again. Unless engaged on heavly and locked down [Leona/J4]. - ! Why does his Q haves that stab wich reset autoAttack [This is crucial, since he haves tons of AD], slows and deals absurd damage since all he gets is AD? it shouldn't do such amout of damage, he should be punished for not preparing his Q or failing at keeping distance! This makes him so good at both Ranged combat and Melee! 2.4)Movement - High movement speed with W, go invis. - Dash preparing stun's line. This part feels fair, as sometimes it look like it shouldn't stun tho xD. - Leap if hits ultimate, great for going in a spree, or dash out of it. 2.5) Tankiness, the real problem. - Now this is the serious part. The real problem of that character. - What is tahm'Bench compared to this??? - There is no use of "poking" Pyke. His grey health somehow doesn't disappear or is in a big CD for that to happen that almost never happens. He just haves to walk back or press W and be in the FOW to just regen almost all he lost, THIS FEELS SO UNFAIR TO PLAY AGAINST, this passive allows Pyke players not only to 1v1 but NOT BE afraid to try assassination on someone who can poke them out! - A champion being ASSASSIN and TANK doesn't work! It is the most unfair, it covers the ground vs 80% of the champions, even most bruisers and tanks where he should be weak against, his habilitie to walk around <u>non</u> very mobile champions and not being punished for losing bits of health makes it so unfair! 3) Real problem. UNFAIR gameplay. - Pyke deals high damage without being penalized for failing while being tanky and capable of choosing the fights easly and ignoring poke, you can try to poke him but his grey health never goes down like <u>rengar's w passive</u> does!! - Making myself having to always ban him takes of freedom and is anoying that it is the only way of dealing with this trouble. - His early game is very frustating to play vs, since he haves that problem with habilities level ups said above[1] and poke doesn't affect him that much, creating high levels of danger for just being. The same as a feed Trynda splitPushing top. Overall: Pyke is cool champion, ultimate, Q and not being able to get maxHP is awesome but it feels to much. To fix: Higher coldown that goes down with level ups, or aplying points to those skills boost other stats he haves, like how his greyHealth works, the seconds you have to run away from enemy vision to get the lost HP back or how much of it.
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