Phase rush Ekko is hilarious

Haven't got a clue what runes to use so I was messing around and tried this keystone with Ekko jungle If the enemy team does not have any stuns there is no way they can stop you from getting to their carry, even if you proc Fleet foot on their tank you get an insane MS boost combined with 75% slow resist and your passive and E's short CD you can get to the ADC in no time. There is 0 chance for the enemy to escape unless they have some form of stun and even at that with the new runes at endgame your ult is near a 40 sec CD so you can go for all ins without much risk up to 3 times every 2 minutes. So fun/trolly when the adc has to burn flash and heal to try escape and even at that most times they will die anyway because of the MS boost from both your passive and fleet foot. Gonna go with ghost instead of flash next time I play him just to see how fast he can go xD
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