Losing LP when i won and carried my team, but a bugsplat makes me lose lp? I want my LP back!

So i just played a game. Carried my team trough early game, getting every lane ahead. I was 8/0/7 when i got disconnected from league, bugsplatted. I came back 5-10 minutes later, because i couln't reconnect... Afterwards, i came back and we won. I made every single lane get ahead by multiple kills+t1 turrets+rift herald+ 2 drakes. And now i see that i LOST????? LP instead of gained lp? What the %%%%? Why do i lose LP when i carry my team trough early game? You make me bugsplat, and i lose LP instead of gaining? That makes 0 sense! Sure if we lost, i would have been fine by it. But now i was literally the reason our team got ahead early game, and now you're saying that i'm losing lp because riot makes me bugsplat? What? Not even making me gain/lose 0 lp? But straightup losing LP? I want my LP back, this is so undeserved?! This system doesn't make sense!
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