Anivia: Liandrys or Void?

Question is self explanatory, I know a lot of people who go back and forth on this, but considering the last year or so with changes to how certain items work and the meta I was curious for updated opinions. Now I know liandrys is good against high hp tanks or if the enemy team has not bought MR, and void for high MR teams or something like that. What I am curious about is the standard case for Anivia. Liandrys on Paper sounds like it works very well on her, especially with her ult, while a lot of people argue that it is niche and only works well with zyra, brand, vel, maybe singed, and (assuming you don't buy both) you should just go with void. I tend to go Liandrys, if not for the burn, but also the extra hp, at my elo I don't get a lot of peel, so I play safe and ult down the enemy team with calculated wall plays, and the added burn from liandrys seems to boost this a lot, and I have more survivability, especially with hourglass build. But if I want raw damage, is void better? tldr: Is the burn from Liandrys worth it on Anivia, when compared to just building void for the higher burst damage?

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