I swear to god most players overreact to "toxicity" ...

For example in my last game, my premade that was one league below me, that played Riven ( i added him after a game that i won against him ), did a really really stupid mistake, he tried to disrespect enemy Lee and Syndra by spamming emotes in front of them and stuff, and she got caught, giving the enemy a free infernal dragon and a kill. So i asked the dude : - Wtf was that man? He said : - I don't care Me: - What do you mean you don't care ? Him: - You suffer from toxicity dude! Stop flaming ! So he proceeded to refuse to communicate at all, he wasn't listening to pings, so one time i was spamming pings on his ass to leave the top lane cause everyone was after him, but as cocky Riven mains think that they can escape anything, he got caught by Bard ultimate, got killed, enemy team got Baron and Elder Dragon, then proceeded to finish the game while this dude went AFK because i asked him again why he doesn't listen to my pings. Apparently he said that i'm super toxic and he reported me. **How the hell does that make me toxic ?** I swear some of you people overreact to stuff like this all the time, **whenever you mess up you blame the ones that ask questions** like they are the reason you're losing the game. " Well we lost because you're toxic, that's why you lose game, cause you're toxic. " Stop lying to yourselves that people tilt you and complain so much about people questioning your dumb moves, cause they ain't toxic you just make it seem so offensive because you're trying to mask your own insecurities and stupid mistakes.
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