Season 10 Suggestion. Answer Why Riot Lost 40% revenue in 2018

You know why players stop playing ? Because the game has become TOO SLOW, for today's standards. Lets Compare your game, with your main Competitor. Mobile Legends: 1) Matches last 10 min vs lol's 30-60 min. 2) Base Mana regen. Can cast a spell after 5 sec of waiting. In lol it takes 30 sec. Therefore 600% bigger mana regen. 3) Smaller Stage Thus Faster To Reach Objectives. (Half Size) 4) Killing a jungle minion restores 20-30% max hp, because it drops hp orbs. Lane minion kills recover 50 hp each. Jungle minion kills recover 150 hp each. Golem Drops 3 hp orbs on death + blue buff. = +450 hp healed. Thus new meta, your jungler can provide you lane sustainance + blue buff to middle laner. 5) Minions die in 3 hits. In lol Melee minions die in 10 hits = "Riot's Brain Lag". Riot argument : Caster's must pay mana to farm. Else they do not farm.... Nice argument. Flawed One. 1 spell per 30 sec :/ 6) Caster's do 250 autos per hit in mobile legends. In Lol caster's do 100 autos per hit. To offset this. Lol should provide 12.5% of ap convertion to "Damage vs Champions and minions". Suggested Buff: By default without requiring item purchase. Op champions (Fizz) will have their hidden "multi-hits" removed. Example: a 1000 ap veigar doing 250 autos won't be op, as veigar is stunned for 0.4 sec when playing autoattack animation. This is a countermeasure to "Getting Stunned" for choosing to attack instead "moving to recover cooldowns faster" meta. Caster's who autoattack are vulnerable, their enemy has already reached you by the time you decide to attack. Caster's have trouble with minion last hits. Support have more hp and "can stand afk and watch" for more autos. Casters do not = stay "deadlocked". 7) Turrets do less dmg thus allow diving at lv 1. Death in 6 shots? vs lol death in 2-3 shots. Thus half damage. Riot's Current Stance: 1) Riot focus too much on "Sustainability" meta. Their new season's answer was "Let's Nerf Caster's Mana Regen". This a MAJOR step backwards. They do not want "Fast gameplay", "Fights", "Choices", They want "Afk Farm" only. 2) A mage dies when he is out of mana, even if vs a 5% hp enemy that is stunned. He will spam the button for 2 sec and wonder why his spell doesnt come out of his hands ??? Run out of juice. 3) Mage VS ADC. Mage does 600-800 spell casts, after 0.3-0.4 sec animation. ADC does 1800 auto (Draven) with superior range (First hit due to Rapidfire). Adc does 1200 autos sustained Damage. 2 autos per sec. Adc pays no mana. There is no reason to "Stun" someone when you can simple 1-shot him with draven in 1 auto. Watch This: Conclusion: Do not play Caster's. They do half dmg, for only 1 sec, then they run out of mana and cooldowns. 4) Mage Vs Ad Casters: Rengar is permanently invisible, runs at 40% movement speed, does 2k regular R auto, 1shotting any mage before he becomes visible. Thus mage will never be able to do anything. Dead before battle starts. Khazix's can do this without ult. And he is ranged Champion (not melee), His Q has more range than Soraka (EQ combo). 5) Why is there a "Mana pool" concept, if i am going to get "1-shot" anyway ? Final Conclusion: Riot eliminated 62/142 champion pool. There is no reason to play a caster. EVER. Riot went for "Sustainability" meta in a "1-shot" game ... Thus the "Game Designer" team suffers from "Internal Conflict", "Oxymoron and Paradoxical Choices", "Multi Personality Crisis". Suggestion: If you do "1 step forward", you do not do "1 step backward", you should go "Forward without looking back". We just chose to create "Hard mode" champions that are unviable in the current meta, by adding them "Mana" and "Ap Scaling". There is a reason why Zed/yasuo mid has 60% play rate in solo queue unranked. People want to play for "Fun", not "Mana Management". If the Dilemma of "Ap Vs Ad" is so hard. Remove "Ap" entirely. Make all champions scale with AD. Eg Ad soraka heals better.
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