Anyone got success with Xayah?

I have played like 6-8 games since Xayah and Rakan got out. Rakan have had a lot of success and destroying enemy bot lane. But for some reason Xayah has always ended up with scores like 0/7/4, 0/4/2 and 2/8/14. The only moments I've seen a Xayah gotten kills was when it was blind pick and she was up against an other Xayah. Anyone else meet the same? I don't think it's the champion that is any complex since Rakan has a much more complex kit and rek teams with his abilities. Maybe it's cause Xayah has a simple kit that is too easy to counter? How have your games gone with Xayah? Cause mine has been awful. (I haven't bought Xayah yet so I have no idea about her stats numbers)
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