Legit worried about MMR and the randomness of Ranked queue.

While i in no way consider myself extremly good at this game. i often find myself in a game where atleast 1-2 or severely worse than everyone else, im talking no pots level 1 0/5 in 10 min 1v1 bad. then you get out of the game and see that they are unranked, and 1-2 games on the match history. I have been plat 3 once on my old account ( sniff sniff ) and now im currently gold 5. while im aware that gold 5 is not that high or anything special, but WHY do i play with unranked players that are completely new to ranked league of legends. isnt there bronze 5 for that? im sick and tired of having complete clueless players in my games that ruins it for everyone. It's time to rework MMR system so we can have good games and not 50% of them being lost before you can even do anything yourself, because some misplaced bronze 5 player went 0/5 1v1 in less than 10 min, and farmed 25 minions.
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