Why is Junglers always to blame?

I've just played a few games today as a jungler (Elise), and everytime I've tried to gank a lane, there's no follow up, so the enemy get's away (this has happened in 4 games straight where my first 2-3 gank attacks, all 3 lanes normally, have failed due to this reason, no follow up). I then get called a useless jungler and how I've "ruined their lanes" because we were not able to kill them, even though in each lane each of the people stayed near tower whilst I pinged I was on my way and started the gank, they all ran backwards instead of helping. Why does that become the junglers fault when on the enemy team, when their jungler ganks, there's a lot of follow up as well, meaning I've become majorly out-jungled. I will admit, afterwards I barely ganked (me being salty basically because I was fed up of ganking without help), so that tilted the game even more and was the reason we lost, but I refuse to jungle properly when the rest of my team refuse to help when I actually do TRY to jungle. Any other junglers get this, or is it just me and my luck?
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