Can we ban people for going AFK fapping under tower until someone comes near, at which point they...

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slam their f***ing faces onto the keyboard and hit you with every f***ing spell that they have while having about 7 f***ing allies in the bush waiting to ambush you whenever you do manage to kill them? I am legitimately tilted to the point that I was LITERALLY shaking in rage at the end of that game. It's such an awful tactic that is the worst thing you can have happen to you. You shouldn't be encouraged to hide under your tower and it is an AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL THING. To be fair, my team was fairly shite and that contributed massively to the loss. (3v1 toplane while my allies were all circlejerking in some random part of the jungle instead of pushing or doing anything worthwhile, they eventually come top, feed their asses off and then %%%%% AT ME WHEN I'M THE ONLY ONE PUSHING?) You know what annoys me the most? The fact that they were playing such CHEESY champions. Xin and Jinx, afk, literally jerking eachother off IRL, not even saying that ironically, they were having sexual intercourse if the chat log isn't just their %%%%ed up weird childish spam.
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