Can you carry games from support

Asking for thoughts on this topic which is open to all matters of opinion. I'm currently in sliver and last season I managed to get to gold 3 nearly gold two playing to win in the most compatible spirited way I could as most of my friends list our gold and above and one of my real friends is diamond 4-3 on and off and only plays support. He plays other roles when he has to but manages to remain at a high elo rank playing predominantly support. When I got to gold three I played my two best champions out of the 30 I consider to play well with most of the time on a consistent basis. I managed to win roughly 31-2 out of 37 games if I remember correctly which shot me to gold from silver last season. The issues I'm having now is (by the way my strength is in jungle and support) since the new season and starting back towards bronze I'm really struggling to progress from silver where I know without being big headed im predominantly better than most Ive been paired up with to play with the champions I choose to use. When I try properly I always finish with a good kda making no mistakes and now I can't catch a break. I always get my AFC first blood nearly all of the time and win lane you may check my stats on all of my matches I just... can't carry from support anymore. Thoughts/ advice to help climb.

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