silence on assissins

so assissins lose the silence kas, talon ... and zed's R get nerfed it need a sec before you can't activate it again and they have no CC maybe a slow and ahri has a charm (slow+silence) and a movement speed buff on her Q (that was totaly not needed ) and 3 dashes and 1 min cd that get basicly 0 in late game ( long death timers + cdr) so you nerfed silence in assissin but ahri gets a silence and a slow in 1 (charm) and zed mob is to great but ahri isn't why did you buff her Q in the first place if she was a good champion why did you gave a 'mage' so much mob that also deals dmg what is the counter to a 60sec cd for 3 dashes when 1/2 of the champions need to flash skill shots she can 'flash' 3 times with 1/5 of the cd and then her charm that a BS abilty taunt is ok becuse when shen/rammus taunts some1 they have a risk of dieing charms don't have that risk and champions with taunt got nerfed (shens ult and rammus is just bad ) you buffed the charm
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