Some ideas from me how to balance the game

I heart a lot players crying how the game is unbalanced but literally nobody have said any ideas how to balance it. Here i am gonna include my personal op picks. Lets start with the ADC Draven- just take some of his lvl 1 q dmg and give it back at lvl 5 or my other idea is just to make the coldown of the q higher at every single rank probably this will help at punishing bad Draven players. Miss Fortune- just in a way too strong in low elo but she gets useless aggainst good players . What i like the most about her is that she can be build in a lot ways but still she needs a change. My idea is simple increase the cd of both her Q and ult and increase the ult damage, so if you play your cards right you will be able to win in high rankеd games. Supp BRAND- here i just have no idea how this thing can be balanced if you make his dmg lower he is gonna be useless, if take his cc he is again gonna be useless. The only nerf which i think can help, is just to take some of his W's range and if this is not enough maybe E's range too. Mid Just all assassins right now without exception- I know its suppose to be accasin meta but some cahmpions are out of control. Zed- just bring back his R's cd and everything will be good. Talon- the same as Zed. Wuckong- just delete him from the game. I have no idea how this can be balanced. There are some other mid laners Yasuo - I hate how much money this champ is giving to RIOT and they are scared to nerf him. But he is just rediculous if the player knows what to do with him. Just make him unable to active his ult without hitting somebody with the tornado, probably nerfing the q's cd from 1 sec to 1.5 sec will be usefull too. Jungle- if i start here its gonna take a lot time to even write everything (for me junglers and top laners are the biggest problem right now , so I will talk only for the big issues here) Master Yi - just make him q a skillshot which can go through minions with the same range right now and nerf some of his ad scaling. Zac- OK now i know a lot of you will be disagree, but lets be real this is the perfect champion for solo queue (amazing range which allows him to gank from nowhere, good scaling, tanky af. His only weakness is his slow jungle clear which low elo player cant abuse.) Nerfing just the range of the E is enough, maybe give him some dmg as a compensation to his ult. Top - again there are so many op picks right now all bruisers- probably this is the meta so i will not talk about that. Mundo- He is redicilous right now. If Riot wants to make him so unkillable just make him weaker early. Nerfing the damage from the Q should be enough and maybe making his skills cost more hp later in the game. Darius- Maybe just the best bruiser . Just make him more punishable if he loses his lane phase. Right now even after bad start he is still able to 1v5 later if he takes his stacks. Maybe making him able to have only 4 stacks and nerf the damage from that. I know this gets a little bit too long but there are still a lot thing to be said at balancing. This is just the nerfing aspect there are a lot champs which desperatly need a buff.

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