games in diamond are so bad

I swear,just check my match are stomps of 20-30 min at best..afk,trolls(they say in champ select they troll),dc,feed and leave the game.. Every single game is like this:|..what is it with this guys...I can't even play my rengar,bcs games end so fast that i can't hit my powerspike..every game bot is feeding..either my team gets the feeding bot or the enemy. Afk..i think i encounter afk in 4 games out of 10 games... 2 games out of 10 we have trolls and the rest depends on the bot side..if bot feeds we lost.. Really feels like games are bronze level..i had a game with volibear..whent bot 4 times,no wards still and they died to me every single time..i is wrong with them.. And every game the jungler is reported..bcs they don;t ward and if they get ganked it's the junglers fault:|:|..fck this elo man. I got once to diamond 4 but i got demoted..and now,i fcking struggle in this elo..bronze elo..20 min stomp games:|
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