Stop playing lux support

this thread prob has been created 5 billion times so i add it. More often than not its not even the champ itself but the players that pick it. Lux support can work but its obviously a sub optimal pick compared to the other supports. A real support player knows this and picks something else to increase his odds of winning. Now who does pick lux support? More often than not, autofilled douchebags. If you dont know how to support, you dont want to play support just for the LOVE OF GOD, declare it in champselect. I myself rather trade and have better odds than having this sh1tfest in botlane due to this behavior/pick. Many others ive seen are willing to offer a trade. And players KNOW its bad. They know they dont know how to play the role and KNOW that their pick is terrible but still RATHER go with it, than ask for a trade. It boggles my mind why euw players are so beyond help. I even copy paste and ask for people that are autofilled to trade with me if they feel more comfy with my role. Never do i see replies, its really makes my head hurt.
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