Yasuo rework and balance

Hello everyone, As some of you know, Redmercy made a video on how Riot is going to balance some champions like Yasuo and Kalista by reworking them. I think I have a cool idea on how Yasuo should look like. First of all, his passive will no longer grant him double critical strike from level 1. His W also will not be a windwall anymore, instead it will enhance his actual critical strike by 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% at level 5. But without windwall he won't be Yasuo anymore, right? Well why not make his windwall harder to use, either offensive or defensive. I think it would be an awesome idea to make his tornado leave a windwall on its path (of a very short duration, only until the tornado vanishes). This way Yasuo can choose between using his stacked Q aggressively or to defend himself. His E+3rd Q combo would leave a 360° windwall for a very short duration like 1 second or even 0.75 seconds. This way Yasuo won't get 100% critical strike so early and he will need better positioning to avoid skillshots.

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