Enough with the pathetic excuses!

Riot's system can detect scripting due to click-speed etc etc etc, yet they can't tell if a player who spends his time afking in a brush, or dancing around the team nexus, or walking into enemies using nothing but 1-2 auto-attacks before dying 10 times in a row is trolling and thus, **intentionally** assisting the enemy team? I'm sorry, but who in their right mind believes this stupid bul|sh|t? I've had enough of these ridiculous excuses, I'm sick to death of having to go through the mill of promo > demo > promo > demo > promo, all because of these moronic little children getting a leash so long from Riot, you could create the space elevator from Earth to Alpha Centary, many times over! While laying it on thick can ruin a game for the really thin-skinned sheep of this game, it has a built in function that can solve the problem right then n' there (Then you just need to accept the ping spam these breathers resort to). Yet NOTHING can solve the problem right then n' there with these maggot trolls, I personally don't give a rats as* what their made up reasons are for intentionally assisting enemy teams in winning are, just get rid of them after doing this ONE time, why? Because it's intentionally, it's a decision the player makes!

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