Ok, we make this clear once and for all

1. You don't decide what your teammates will pick. 2. You don't decide what your enemies will pick. 3. Spare enemies with "tryhard" shit if you are too bad to win. 4. You don't decide how your enemies (or teammates) will play. 5. If you want to play team deathmatch play ARAM (you don't need to farm there, you fight immediately when the match starts). 6. For 1v1 you can create custom matches, go there with your "1v1 me, I'm better" shit. Last time I checked when playing on Summoner's Rift you should be focusing objectives, get as much vision as you can, get as much map pressure as you can (a.k.a "tryharding"). Whether it is normal or ranked is competely irrelevant. People have couple of reasons why they don't play ranked much, my reasons that I play much more normals than ranked: - too many smurfs - Dynamic Queue which allows me to play only with silver/gold/low plat friends (GOOD JOB RITO!) - people's attitude (way too much serious, it is only game after all) Generally I play ranked only when I feel like I can fully focus on match and have patience to read all the shit in chat or if friend asks me to duo with him, otherwise I'm "tryharding" on normals and if you don't like that then you should read 6 steps at the top of this thread and keep reading them until you will eventually understand this game is about teamwork and securing objectives, not about chaos and 1v1 fights (a.k.a "having fun"). Cheers
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