Help a slightly scared Mid-main trough the assassin update

Let me paint the scene: I'm a low ELO midlaner who almost exclusively plays mages. My best champions are Orianna, Malzahar and Viktor. My off-lane main is Jayce top who I also sometimes play mid (when i'm facing a Veigar for instance, or when my team is already heavy AP). The other champs i can play mid well enough for ranked are Ezreal, Ziggs and Ahri. I've always had a lot of difficulty with facing assassins, whether in lane or jgl, and even though I have learnt how to safely put lane pressure vs a Leblanc for instance or how to itemize vs a Zed, i've never gotten comfortable vs assassins. In the past I have tried the "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" approach and tried to learn Talon, Fizz and Leblanc, but the conclusion from those experiments was always: The playstyle just doesn't suit me. And now the assassin update is coming, even more one-shots, OP reworks and invisibility horror fests are coming onto the Rift. With the info we have now on the assassin update, what can I do to beat them? Whether it be lane strategies, item rushes, or simply playing other champs, all tips are welcome Trembling in horror, Wowbagster
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