Someone told me that Plat players are average Elo... let's do some math please :)

I made the same thread and put it on Player Behavior but I think it was the wrong category... anyway, sorry for spamming but here it goes... The guy that told me that said he is Diamond 3 (I didn't look if he was telling the truth, doesn't matter anyway) but here's the thing... That opinion is very popular, which is why I make this thread and I think people should learn some math... Plat and above are less than 10% of the community... it's WAAAAY above average... the actual average is somewhere around Silver 4-3... that's where the 50% mark is actually (I don't know what the actual average point is right now... but at least that's where it has been over the years)... the thing is that when I say I am average Elo I don't say it because I am offended that you call me "low Elo trash"... I couldn't care less... I don't even know you... I say it because it's an actual fact... knowing some decent math is not a bad thing... people should try it sometime... it's fun to know math... you can do so many things with them... So, to all the elitist players that say things like Plat is average and anything below is just bad and trash, please learn some math or just look at the actual LoL community statistics and percentages... if Plat was average the queues for Plat ranked games would be the same as in silver and bronze... is it? I don't think so... in Diamond the players that play there even know each other because they are so few that they've played just about every other player before (they are like 1% of the community... their queues take literally half an hour because they are so few!) It's not an important topic... I just thought that it's a nice piece of knowledge that could help people play this game with less flame and more optimistically... thanks for reading :)

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