Underestimated champions you play so well that people think are useless

{{champion:432}} As a support main bard is a pretty good support if used in the right hands, I love that feeling of throwing a ult that looks risky but I always end up saving my team mate <3. {{champion:17}} (top or support) Yeah people say he is useless but thats because they dont know how to build teemo and place his shrooms, plus in mid game he can easily get snowballed out of top lane if your not prepared for it but thats kinda rare and half of the time i end up chasing the enemy away because they aren't tanky enough or I out play them by just simply running around the tower with well placed shrooms and blinds. As a support he is a great douchey counter vs Vaynes and Twitches who are 100% aa focused. {{champion:29}} Not an ADC main and in fact ADC is so boring, however I love using this champion on bot, jungle or even top lane (with essence reaver on top) he is a great bully imo thats if you can position yourself right also he has stupidly good burst damage if he gets ahead. Also most people dont buy pink or oracle lens so its very easy to leave a lane early in the game and sneak to the enemy jungle or mid lane and kill them. I just find this marksman so easy to use and im not even good with the other adcs. {{champion:68}} Easy lane bully, nuclear AOE in team fights, his ultimate dominates in hard cc team fights, tight areas or jungle. He has super low cooldowns apart from his ultimate which got nerfed recently. He used to be my hidden OP jungler but after the nerfs, changes to jungle items and his kit i just stick to him on top and mid lane. Who are your favourite underestimated or underated champions. Calling all Urgot mains <3.
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