Yasuo and how to deal with him

Hello children of long lost GD, Everytime I have to face Yasuo,my brain goes into "this champ is so op you can't do anything about it so stop trying mode" and I play horribly every single time.On toplane,I can't farm if I pick a melee champ,if I pick a ranged,he just dashes 2731 times around minions and still gets close to me.On midlane it's the same story,dash minion,dash minion,dash you > Q > dash minion and he's won the trade...I'd be more than glad to hear some advices,perhaps a champ that can totally dominate Yasuo for midlane/toplane (just not Riven,I hate her with a passion aswell.I've had some small success with Aatrox @ toplane..but it's very tricky.One misplay and you get snowballed. Looking fowards to hearing some advices from you,my gentle lords.
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