Seeking advice on which champions to pick

Hello! I've been thinking about which champion would probably do well as my secondary pick, and I am creating this discussion in hopes someone gives me a solid suggestion. I am a Talon one trick, and I tend to go mid/top. However, sometimes my team complains about me not picking ap mid, or urges me to pick a tanky-ish top. For top no problem, I can pick Fiora who has fair amount of survivability although I am not that good with her yet (went 3/12 once, still won because adc carried us late). The problem comes with the "ap mid" issue. I am not good with mages. Last time my team bashed me for declaring Talon as my intention, I had to go Ahri and I fed and was pretty much useless. Yes, we won, yes I got carried again, but I felt terrible and don't EVER want to Ahri again. But I know that I am good with assassins. So what I am really looking for is some sort of ap assassin that can serve as secondary pick in case Talon isn't good for the team comp. I've even been thinking about Twisted Fate because the way he roams is not that different from Talon, it's actually similar, but I am not sure. Katarina seems really hard and will probably take me a long time to learn, so I am not sure if it's worth wasting my time on normals practicing her either. Thoughts?
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