Listen to your jungler on map calls

Hi, I'm a jungle main for the last 2 years and If I could have your attention for a moment show your jungler some love and respect in games. More often than not the jungler has a strategic background, watches the map closely and has a very good perspective on how a game is progressing. while you practice trading damage in lane, last hitting and think up what item you need first were closely watching enemy movement, planning gank paths as well as watching how you're doing in lane. We watch over all of you and like the thousand's of games we've played in the past we **know** when to take objectives. I've played my heart out to support my team, get my lanes ahead and steer us towards victory and then someone has the ingenious idea to make a dragon or baron call which throws the game. just don't. leave it to the jungler, it's our job after all. In light of a recent game where this happened here's a simple rule to work with your jungler **Your Jungler has the final say in doing dragon or baron** the situation has to be right to get these objectives and we know what were looking for. 1. You need the area around the objective warded. 2. You need to know where the enemy jungler is, preferably dead or across the map 3. You need to know where the enemy team is. 4. And most importantly you need your jungler's smite (or kalista/nunu Q) From a jungler who was just carrying his team and they decided to do baron without him, or vision of the map, or awareness of the enemy team, or wards. damn that mid lane azir and his dumb calls. but anyway. objective control is our thing. listen to us. peace.
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