Unhealthy champions and dynamic queue

First of all, yes, this is a crying thread, so if you wanna comment "cry more", "u mad", "bad player", don't even mind reading. This game is full, FULL of unhealthy champions and how does riot want adcs to counter them after nerfing EVERY FUCKING ADC DEFENSIVE ITEM. How are we supoused to outplay a zed without being able to qss his ultimate. How are we sopoused to counter a fizz's ultimate if he has 2 dashes and 3 with flash. And the most broken shit of all, Irelia's E. If you have 100% of your health let's say 1500 and irelia has 50% of hers and she has 1600, she. still. stuns. you. How are we sopoused to counter that? There is Qss, sure, but after qssing that, there comes more cc from the enemy. You want supports to peel for us right? Well, play a game in low elo and see for yourselves. Rarely there is any support who actually peels their adc. Just think ok? You want to balanced champions for lcs right? Man, I get it. Balanced champions in LCS = more views = more money. But ask yourselves a question, do solo players like that? Another thing is dynamic queue. I was in a game where my team had no premades. However the enemy had a premade of 3. Yes. 3. Nothing else to say. Regards,
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