Tierd of leauge of legends

I am so tiered with this game, beeing hardstuck plat 5 for three months straight . I am pissed with the playstyle and the way riot changes things. In s7 you could litteray solo carry your entire team by just split pushing or picking a strong champ with strong scaling. Now this game has turned to a 5 vs 5 meatball, with the same strats over and over. Nothing in this game changes. In the following i´ll explain how it works : Start --> get ahead --> start taking neutral objectivs and work on your first towers --> depends on which team is winning you start getting every single tower --> till you stand infront of the inhib towers --> than you just grind the entire time --> try to siege --> die/win --> go to baron --> siege inhib towers get them and back off --> than again take another objectiv (drake or what ever) --> wait for the next baron or try to win a team fight ( If there would ever happen a tf outside the base) --> after second baron siege second tower+inhib with the pressure created by other things --> win the game. This is the way how a typical lol match goes, always the same tiering and sickining bull shit. I am really missing the time, were not litteray half of the champs would be op and beeing able to shit on everyone in the early game, the times were the meta wasnt always the same bullshit. Its like there is no difference between silver and plat in gameknowledge, just plat has less deaths and more skills at a special champ. Like litteray everyone knows how this game goes and litteray knows the way it works, even silvers know that they have to do the stop i listed earlier. And i feel like this is not a competitive game where you 5 vs 5 as team, its more like a 1 v 1 v 1 v 1 v 1, everyone in his own team is in a competition nobody works together and there is to much toxicity. There are enough people tilting to fast and giving up, not bothering about their team mates try harding. This cant be the game experience riot wants to show us, because if it is that than they %%%%ed up. I am sick off seeing people beeing toxic and flamming each other and making us loose. Tipps to make this game better : -deffinitly bigger punishment for toxic people -Also for people who give up way to fast -and for people who ruin the game experience -A competitive game shouldnt be a hardcore grind for LP, it should make some fun -Deffinitly a voice chat the communication will get way better ( In high elo, many mistakes happen because of no communication) -Riot should start caring more about the rank system and not just let robots calculate your mmr. ( Since i get a S every game which i loose and still loose like 21 lp) For the game: - change meta make it more free -people should not be able to litteray play a tank and still crush everyone, there is still a secret tank meta ( If i cant 1 vs 1 a poppy who is litteray beeing 2/6 and me beeing 8/2) -Should nerv those hypercarry jungles, which ruin your early completly. I feel like there is a bigger variety of jungler who can hypercarry than anyone else
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