Patch 7.1 - Nerfburger and Fryze

**CHAMPIONS** * Anivia's Glacial Storm now makes a pretty flash when it's bigger. * Camille is now 3.142% less broken. * We buffed Draven's ~~axes~~ moustache. Because Draven. * Kalista now makes pin cushions out of enemy champions all the time. * Karma got to her. Her W and empowered E got nerfed a bit. * As it turns out, pumping more electricy into something makes that thing hurt more. We adjusted Kennen's ultimate in light of this discovery. * Champions now apply Eau De Jungle™ when they stealth, so Lee Sin can no longer hit them with his E. * Lucian is no longer a champion you pick to lose the game. * Poppy is still looking for that hero, it's just that she'll be more beat up and the hammer she'll give them is gonna be pretty much useless. I mean, [these guys here make weapons for a living, and even they can't use the damn hammer properly.]( * Ryze to the occasion. Just not in the early game, OK? * Smokey helped stop forest fires by making Shyvana's W not deal more damage to monsters. * We hit Syndra's knees with a bat, so she has less skill handling lots of balls. (I honestly can't find a way to make this any less of an innuendo. Sorry.) * Talon can now farm under a turret. * Elementalist Lux is now less deceiving. **ITEMS** * You now have to pay attention to your ZZ'Rot Portal **SUMMONER'S RIFT** * Plants have been trimmed and weeded where necessary in order to maintain a beautiful looking jungle. * Early ganking junglers will no longer ruin the botlane's day after just 2 minutes. **TWISTED TREELINE** * Every champ will now look and feel exactly the same on the rift as they do when you go to Twisted Treeline. **LEAGUE CLIENT UPDATE** * You can now sort away friends who are offline or taking selfies. * Potato Mode now tells you if you're on a potato but not on Potato Mode. * Lots of bugfixing. We think. **QUEUE HEALTH** Queues are looking as rosy as a baby's bum. **BUGFIXES** * Flags no longer count as living things for Kha'Zix's passive. * Shacoboxes now remember to go invisible again after being revealed. * Hecarim has finally realised - running really fast into a turret makes your head hurt. A lot. Also it doesn't make your now-broken lance do more damage to the turret. * We removed Karma's instant disco kit from her W. * Surprise Party crows now properly throw a surprise party like Surprise Party Fiddlesticks can. **NEW CONTENT** * All your base are belong to Dreadnova Gangplank - coming this patch! * Three new Warring Kingdom skins for Azir, Garen and Vi (which is obVIously the best one) will be launched this patch. * Chromas are still a thing. I know this cause Jinx is getting some.
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