Stuck in silver, how do i get out ?

Hey guys, as the title says, im stuck in silver I always see my team feeding, and i can't do anything as katarina or kennen on mid, its like 2v5, i see that i lost continously and i can't do anything. From S3 i came back to S5 Some questions that you might ask: Why don't you get a booster? No, i don't want boost, i work myself plus a boosting service costs too much money You don't have a friend to duo/full party to flex? I do, i have friends, but they don't want to duo with me because i am silver, some even removing me having a good match, then they saw i am silver and left a sentence on chat "lol, you silver, very noob wtf" As you can see, i really need a good help, if anyone knows twitch streamers that are better, then feel free to tell me, also a tip in how to exit from silver might be useful ;) ty for reading my post, i will wait an answer for that
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