Honors: relics of the past or maybe there is some future in them?

You are definitely going to agree that, right now, the Honor initiative is some LOOONG forgotten stuff. Nobody bothers honoring, asking for honor or even cares nowadays. I’m listing a few reasons this is happening, in my opinion: 1) It is too hard to collect the number of honors required for the respective Crests of Honor. 2) Having the Crest doesn’t really earn you anything, so nobody really cares. 3) Since being honor doesn’t really mean anything in terms of rewards, nobody bothers wasting a few seconds of his time to press “Honor” during the post-game screen. (at least I personally think this way). 4) The reasons of “Honor” need some rework. So, what I suggest is: 1) The “Honors” must be changed into “Honor Requests”, posted by allies or enemies, just like “Reports”. 2) The Tribunal must deal with the “Honor Requests”, by looking at the game and deciding to approve or reject the request. 3) If the request is approved, the player must earn Honor Points. A fixed number of Honor Points shall earn the respective desired Crest. 4) Players with Crests shall be matchmade prioritizing each other, which means they will be rewarded this way, by playing more enjoyable games, with more sportsmanlike allies and possibly not with players that have too many Reports or Disconnects. 5) Lastly, the reasons of “Honor” should be slightly widened, including: -Friendly player: a player that will never flame you for some mistakes or get mad because of losing. -Strategic mind: a summoner that always know what needs to be done and is always on the right place. -Mechanically skilled: his gifted fingers and eyes are always ready to react within milliseconds. -Master of teamwork: he constantly pings and communicates what needs to be done, trying to help whenever needed. -Ultra-positive: no matter how hard the game gets, no matter if the allies have practically given up the game, this type of player will tryhard till winning or fall fighting!
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