Who's good, will climb, but the "speed" depends completly on luck

This is not a "I am stuck because of my team" thread, no, as the title says, if a player is good, he will climb, that's out of question. But honestly, if you ask how FAST someone is gonna climb, it's completly random. I don't know if I should laugh or cry about those players queued up with me. There are games where people perform bad, yes, but they try to do their best and play with the flow of the game and those games are no problem for me to carry, because I know my team is willing to win. On the other side, 95% of my games I lost, were lost without a good reasoning, I lost LP or my promos by something that was simply impossible to carry, all jokes aside, not even Challenger players like Dyrus, QT, Faker or even Apdo could've won this game. I usually accept defeat if it was a fair game lost, no problem with that. But if there is a game which would've been freeelo if it was actually fair, those games just really make me mad. The problem is simply the community, toxicity combined with just not so smart people just ruins SoloQ for people who actually want to climb and there is simply to much of it, every 5th person should be banned for real now. There are people saying "yeah but I don't get any toxic people or any trolls" yeah, **YOU** are one of the lucky people who have it easier, by simply getting people that aren't toxic. For my case, that is wrong. Alone today I played 6 games, in 4 of them were people who actually griefed the game and intentionally lost. 3 of those game were with an inter, Idc if it is in my team or in the enemy, stuff like that just should be punished. In 3 out of 6 games a guy who fell behind on their lane just walked down mid and suicided, pretty fair... On the other side, there were just other toxic guys who refused any type of teamplay, who refused to play properly, only spammed the chat and very often a jungler taht doesn't give a single fk about the game. Also every second game there is some guy that plays with a toaster and dc's midgame, sure it's not "directly" his fault, but indirectly, he knows his pc is bad, it's not the first game today his PC refused to work as it should, so why sir are you going into ranked games? You know there is a high chance you will dc and afk. Ganking? Nope. Deffing a tower, especially first tower to deny the enemy gold? No. Taking any objectives or creating pressure ANYWHERE? nope. Games that I lost because I didn't carry to well I accept, but if you would spectate my games, 9/10 games that I lost, were not justified, simply because one of the abouve happened, there were just people who refused to play properly and win. I am climbing, over long time I won't give any fks about those games anymore because I am constantly climbing, if if the toxic community slows it down heavily. And at the end just an example, Player A and player B could be exact the same skill lvl, they both belong to the same rank. Player A has less toxic teammates over many games and he climb 2 Leagues up in just 2 weeks. Player B has basicly in every game toxic players and needs 4 months for the same result as Player A. And PLEASE spare me with the "but the chance taht there is a troll in the enemy team is just as high" Yeah it might be, but "chance" isn't reality, if you look over 100 thousand games, yeah it's getting pretty close to 50% that there is gonna be a troll in either of both teams, but if you look at 10 or only 100 games, it can either be many games without a troll or many games with a troll in your team, so spare me with that "logic"
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