abyssal scepter rework doesn't make sense

riot was thinking about reworking abyssal scepter to make it an equivalent of the new black cleaver. I know that they reverted the change on pbe but I'm gonna say this anyway: I think that the equivalent of the new black cleaver is actually wit's end. for example: riot said that one of the champions that would benefit from the reworked abyssal scepter would be bruiser diana. but that doesn't make sense. right now, diana has 2 options: she gets an abyssal scepter to burst squishy targets, or she gets an wit's end to dps tanks. abyssal scepter gives ap and 20 flat magic resist reduction aura. this gives her more burst strait up. wit's end gives her attack-speed, and 5 magic resist steal on auto-attacks that goes up to 25. this means that she will proc her passive a lot more and in the long run it also increases the magic penetration. so it seems to me that this rework doesn't make any sense. I just gave this example because riot said it would benefit diana but it applies to any bruiser. if you're trying to kill tanks, then wit's end is the way to go. I can only see abyssal scepter as being the equivalent of youmuu's ghostblade if anything...
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