Twisted Treeline Removal

Hi. I know what you're thinking, if you're a typical Summoner's Rift player. "Who cares? No one is gonna miss Twisted Treeline. All we want is ARAM ranked!!" Well, a lot of people WILL miss Twisted Treeline. I know I will. Actually, I only really enjoy Twisted Treeline. I come here as an appeal for Riot to please, PLEASE keep this map. Although a lot more people enjoy SR, there are still a lot of players who care about Twister Treeline. It's the only map I play and to be honest, I am probably quitting league if the only map I play isn't avaiable. I'm pretty sure a bunch of other people think the same. It's not our fault Riot hasn't updated the map for over 4 years. But obviously, if there are still people playing it, it's because they enjoy it regardless!! If maybe you updated it, more people would enjoy it. But even if you don't want to, we are still here. The one's who truly enjoy TT. It broke my heart to read the announcement. It makes no sense. This map has been around forever!! It's a part of the game!! It makes no sense to take it out! It's not true that you say players aren't satisfied if there are still people playing it!!! This past week I got queues as little as 0:16!!! And not just mentioning this week, the queues are usually 30-50 seconds. Rarely does it go over 1 minute. Maybe you don't feel like keeping the map anymore but that is on you!! Not on us players. You're taking something loved from us. Again, I ask for you to reconsider knowing that you WILL lose players. 100 or 1,000 , it doesn't matter, it's still a bunch of people who enjoyed your game!! And you're just tossing them aside. Please reconsider. FoodInc.
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