before i say anything, i know that there are going to be so many people who haven't experienced riots matchmaking system like i and many other players have, so instead of saying that this never happens, listen to my story before bringing yours into the mix. i went into a ranked game, hoping to win and thinking that my team and the rest of their team will be bronze. instead, i find that everyone on my team except for me (a bronze player) is silver. i check the enemy mid lane (katarina) for her stats (mastery points and level) and it revealed level 190 something and 363k mastery points ( i was using ekko who i only have 32k mastery points and I'm currently level 55). i made a quick assumption that this person definitely isn't bronze, and if they are silver this person most likely didn't deserve it. i asked my jng (riven. yes, i had a riven jng) to give me early ganks due to the fact that i was likely going to lose lane because of how skilled this katarina must be. instead, i didn't receive any ganks whatsoever and everyone on my team (except for my top laner) started flaming me. my team then started to call for reports on me because i was flaming (when the only things i said was that i have not gotten any ganks and the level and mastery points of the katarina) and decided to not care about the fact that they were flaming. so because i was up against a stupidly hard matchup, i was flamed and lost lp. isn't that lovely. im getting prepared to get thousands of people call me a dipstick and send me death threats because a) that's how nice most of this community is and b) those players are normally the ones who haven't experienced anything like this before. i normallyy get something like this every other ranked game so hopefully my next ranked game i will not receive that.
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