I was a Darius main before 5.16 and I've got a message for you riot.

You're all shit. I loved playing Darius. He was this insane lane bully that dropped off lategame. Obvious strengths and tradeoffs, it was fair. He can dominate a lane but as a carry he's not too good and he was only really good at killstealing come lategame and flash +E E every 5 minutes. Now he's an even more ridiculous lane bully that will also triple kill the top, jungler and mid when ganked and now scales extremely well into lategame. That % heal (with a spirit visage) and a steraks makes him impossible, deadmans plate lets him just run at you with no counterplay. 200 free AD. He might as well be mana-less because his mana costs are minuscule or just free. His Q is an extremely strong waveclear at just 30 mana. he can just Q the wave all day long and be very safe from ganks because the wave is constantly pushed into the tower. But even if he does get ganked he just gets double kills. You know something is fucking wrong when 5 people are literally running for their lives from _just one guy_. He's banned constantly, if he's not I pick him and feel dirty as hell for abusing the worst freelo I've seen since I started playing in 2012. I just want to play my Darius again. He didn't need this dumb rework, just a fix to his E so it doesn't drag people across the map sometimes. At least remove his Q healing, that's the main reason why he is unkillable. Look in any match statistics, he has the most healing, most damage, and most damage taken while having the least deaths. THIS IS FUCKED UP. PS. some tips for new darius... level W first vs melee matchups. AA, W, walk forwards a bit and AA, AA. That's 4 stacks on them if they decide to walk in range of you. Now you own the lane. if you managed to get all 5 stacks, ignite them, flash AA, first blood or they flash. If you get Noxian Might up, dont be afraid to literally 1v5 them, you will take them all with you. If you get ganked, just go ham on them and kill one of them and you win the gank. Make sure you Q both of them to heal up.

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