Just got smurfed on

Just lost a game against this guy **redacted** Ranked solo queue 23 wins 1 loss Warwick 22 wins 0 losses Not annoyed at the loss as I played my best and this guy is clearly some sort of smurf. (I was jungle Hecarim on the other team) However it is a bit confusing that this person is still at this (low!) elo after 23wins and 1 loss in ranked solo queue. (I'm averaging silver4-bronze1 players in my games) Shouldn't people be fast tracked out of silver elo if they have such ridiculous winrate? And before someone says it, yep, naming and shaming is against the board rules, but I'm not shaming him for anything. He's not breaking any rules that I'm aware of, and his match history is in the public domain. Well what do you guys think? Should the elo system fast track people who have crazy winrates like this out of silver as it just seems to ruin the game for the enemy team playing against a player of that level?
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