Shen's state.

*First of all, sorry for my english, i will try to be understandable.* People who played LoL for more than 4 years certainly know how Shen was. Pre-season 1 and season 1, it was his golden age. Maybe too much, we must admit it. The ninja has been for Riot a pain in the ass to balance. And i think he suffered from that, Riot kinda abandonned him since season 2. I'm a main Shen since i play at LoL. While i can relate to the fact that some people hated him, i think most of them are against a buff only because of the memories he left. Actually, all the fighters/brawlers who joined later outshined him in so many point, it hurts. Where went the pleasure to play this champion? Gone. I did a post on reddit months ago to adress his problems and while some people agreed, others argued that he wasnt on a bad spot. Well, i think they didnt really open their eyes on his situation because they maybe dont main the champ so it is not a big deal for them. Furthermore, i think the more you fight skilled opponents ( in terms of stricts plays as well as strategies.), the more you will be able to recognize that he needs desesperatly some love. Ok, his problems arent the most important ones. But main shen players would like to know if something is planned for him. And by something, i mean a rework. Not only Buffs. A rework. Why? There is a couple of answers. - His kit feels odd. I mean, he seems like he has only 3 abilities. His W is so lackluster, it's like it doesnt exist. His only usefullness is during laning. I cant stress enough on the fact that Shen is currently incomplete. A standard shield with no others real effects? Come on. IT IS HIS MAIN FAILURE. - His passive suffers from issues too. While it cant be recognized as totally useless, the damage provided exists but are only noticeable during the laning. And occasionnaly during the early teamfights. - His ultimate is great. On the concept, he is perfect and strong. But again, he has two fundamental issues: his CD is too long ( i know it is a global and global ultimates have usually long cooldowns, but i think the current ones have a bigger impact than Shen's one at the moment. It is debatable though. ) and the fact that shen comes behind his alliy often bothers him. Many flash are burnt just because of that. A simple QoL change would be enough to fix this. - His Q spell is problematic: Riot always said that they prefered creating kits with counterplay. This spell has no one. It is an annoying low CD harass which cannot be avoided. While i like using it as Shen, it is not fun for the opponent. So, yes we could buff him, but i think it would just make him possibly broken due to his core problems, which would stay unfixed. A rework would be the solution: Give to Shen players a more dynamical gameplay, favorizing the counterplay, giving Shen the opportunity to shine with a FULL KIT. He would have clear weaknesses and clear strengths. A man just posted a very interesting topic above: which better translates my thoughts but i wanted to make a more dedicated post here. **TL;DR**: The champion feels odd because of an incomplete kit. And his only usefull abilities are problematic. He lacks of dynamism and it feels more and more boring to play him.
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