How is DYNAMIC que fair for solo players?

I really feel like quitting this game again because of this. How is it fair for a solo top laner to constantly play with and vs premades of 3? Dynamic que should never be allowed in a MOBA such as LoL because whenever you have premade people the solo players suffer ridiculously. It's a game of which team of 3 or 4 works better with eachother and the solo players on either sides usually do bad because they are the only ones in the game not used to their current enviorment of people. Just talking about this tilts me..I mean as a solo player I feel so irrelavent to the game as it is just about who has the bigger premade team game now. It all came down to the more premades you are with the better division game and it is painfull. I don't understand how a company worth billions isn't filled with people smart enough to deduce adding SOLO que or removing DYNAMIC que is the only way to balance the ranked games in this MOBA. TLDR. Solo que players suffer,dynamic ones prosper and this is not how Ranked system should work.If you want premade teams play ranked teams,if not play solo que.
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