Toplane vs. Support in ranked - current state of Toplane

I am Toplane main and I'm just fed up with having games with basically no impact. It feels like my I win or lose independent of my performance. The last 2-3 days I started playing Support.. And out of a sudden I had impact!! It was literally every game win lane win game with a few exceptions. The sad thing about it is that I just supported before from being autofilled or from time to time in normals but i played several different support champs with whose I am lvl 1-2 and with none of them more than 5 normal games let alone rankeds. So now i have a better wr on a random role than with my main role even though i am a meta slave on my toplane AND set my focus on ganking mid or TP plays for bot during my laning phase as toplaner without sacrificing my lane. Now if you're going to be like "REEE why don't you play support then if you have success?" - because I don't want to sell my fun for elo... don't get me wrong support is fun from time to time but i just can't spam it without losing my mind. Do you guys think Toplane is atm at a bad state too? Do you think botlane is too strong atm? What are you guys thinking?

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