How we Finished the Odyssey

[5 Sona/Ziggs]( **Group:** _Five_ Ziggs **Augments:** Bounce - Shorter - Hexhealing - Brink - Overkill **Build:** Nashor's Tooth -> Berserker's Greaves -> Nashor's Tooth -> Lich Bane -> Guinsoo's Rageblade **Skills**: R > Q > E > W _Comment_: Your **W** can stop Kayn in _**Mid-Dash**_, So use it wisely and **Kite** the Hell out of him and **Air-Strike Mob**s, And you will need a **One** healing **Ziggs** in the Team. --- [4~3 Augments]( **Group**: _Five_ Jinxs **Augments:** Comet - Arsenal - Plan:A - Runaway**/**Antsy**/**Eager **Build:** Death's Dance -> Essence Reaver -> The Black Cleaver -> Spear of Shojin**/**Liandry's Torment**/**Rylai's Crystal Scepter -> Boots of Swiftness **Skills**: R > W > E > Q _Comment_: This Build is brought to you by [Yasiu](, It provides Healing, Full Cooldown Reduction & Armor Shred, the 4th Slot in the **Build** depends on your taste, And for the **Augments**'s, You remove the Last one for each count, And the _Runaway**/**Antsy_ depends on If you want to use **Warp** infinitly or to deal more Damage to multiple **Mob**s at the same time, Also your **E** stops **Kayn** in _**Mid-Dash**_ and Kite both **Kayn** and A**ir-Strike Mob**s, And the **Eager Augment** is supposed to be worn by **One** Jinx in the Team. --- [2 Augments]( **Group**: _Four_ Yasuos | _One_ Malphite **Augments:** Wandering - Tempest | Onslaught - Relentless **Build:** Blade of the Ruined King -> Berserker's Greaves -> Phantom Dancer -> Infinity Edge -> Death's Dance -> Caulfield's Warhammer **Skills**: R > Q > E > W _Comment_: You're supposed to group up together, Malphite in the Head, And spam the **Q**'s Tornado all the Time on **Mob**s, Also block the Water Bubble using **Windwall**, In the 2nd Level, You focus the _Yellow Flowers**/**Monster_ while dodging the **Mob**s, And If there is a lot of them, Malphite pulls them all at once away from the _Yellow Flowers**/**Monster_ using his **R** and the Others goes directly to use **R** and collect the **Progress Points** quickly. --- _**Fighting Kayn Tips**_: If he **collects**: **Blue Balls**: You either **run to the opposite side of the Map** and dodge the Balls or if you have **Yasuo**s you must trust their usage of Windwall and them being able to use it **Respectively**. **Red Balls**: **Just Dance!** _Alone._ Anything else you is that you should clear **Mob**s firstly before Fighting **Kayn** again, With **Jinx**s you just Hug Kayn**/**Mobs and then **R** at**/**from the **Mob**s, And if your team is has **Yasuo**s then focus on keeping **Kayn** in the Air and using **R** after **Mob**s are collected more than on **Kayn**, Also you can Dodge **Kayn**'s Dash by just moving out of its then of its **Direction Arrow** and move Backward of it to reach its **Half Length**.

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