These champs are lookin for a nerf

ADC: Senna - still to strong Ashe - mobility to much in slow Cait - Damage and poke (inc bug with E Q ) also you gotta remove that slow ability cast after crit or so it's somewhere in runes but downgrade of 80% movement speed nerf it Mid: Diana: Powerspike level 6 with ult 1vX Fizz: Strong mobilty slightly need nerf Kassadin: Powerspike with damage even if max magic resistance Jungle: Ekko: Stun has to be lowered and damage pike aswell from Q and E Olaf: Has to be nerfed somehow in damage Nocturn: For lane phase and jungle pretty strong with items lower his damage Top: Kled: powerspike in damage can 1v1 easily and dubble mount up is stupid.. that fast Camille: need slightly nerf Irelia: still alive.. still not nerfed remove from game: Yasuo window wall or rework either windwall or the dashes not both< lol f up champ Future update: Sett: Disable for 1 month in ranked games prevent overpowered or bugs / overpowered Still hoping to see in future faster hotfixes, not testing stuff on PBE. You're large company test stuff daily watch people put video up, see what top rank players play in win-rate utter then lower elo people. As long riot keeps with complete elo settings win rate the champions will never been balanced
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