ADCs do not understand Garen.

I tried a Yummi game yesterday, cause my adc wanted to play Garen. And I thought "Aright, guess I need to go full damage here". But the opposite happen my ADC (Garen) went full AD, 0 tankiness not even the relic shield and complained when I tried to buy Ludens. Then after he dies, he said "I need to play solo lane, Yummi help someone else" and went of top and went full splitpush mode. Must say, I'm never playing Yummi with a Garen bot again. In the Garen+Yummi lane, it's the Garen who's support and Yummi the carry.. (Obivously we lost the really hard) At the end, I was the only one with kills (as Yummi) but had no one to sit upon cause everyone were too selfish. Why are Diamond smurfs from NA coming over to EU? And why are they in Gold for? They should be in Iron. Edit: I like how I got a dislike on my post before I even got it loaded into the forum, lol.
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