23.11.2015 PBE Update: Soraka Star Call (Q) range reduced to 800 from 950 Astral Infusion (W) Mana cost increased to 40/45/50/55/60 from 20/25/30/35/40 Wish (R) no longer removes Grievous Wounds. So you want to nerf my darling precious baby, huh? Why? Why now? Why after all this time you decide to claim her oerpowered? I DEMAND a serious responce from a Rioter about these nerfs. Because to me, they are absolutely unnecessary and are going to SERIOUSLY damage Soraka's laning phase. I've already tested the changes on the PBE. Q. With the nerfed range Soraka has much less lane presence. The skill needs to have it's large range in order to keep Soraka sustained. The skill does not deal crazy harrass damage, and even if it did, remember how slow the ability lands when you cast it from max range. If you want to look at a BROKEN harass, i suggetst Gragas' Q or Lux's E. Those skills are a NIGHTMARE to lane against. Becuase they provide damage, harass, and instant slow. While Soraka has to perfectly land a cenetered Q in order to get the slow off. And the smaller range means that if Soraka wants to get a tiny bit of damage off and get some health back, she wil have to be in closer range. Which is DANGEROUS. Considering how slow and squishy she is. If {{champion:53}} hooks you, you either waste flash or you die. If {{champion:412}} hooks you, you either die or you're dropped below 30% health. Soraka's Q is a unique strong point, and i highly suggest you reconsider nerfing the range. The cast range has remained at it's current state for a long time, and, as far as i can tell, it has not broken the game. Not to mention that doing a max range E+Q or Q+E combo is harder now. Now let's move on to W - The heals. THE ALMIGHTY HEALS! Now, for an ability that drains 10% of your maximum health trough ALL RANKS, i believe that the spell should have the same low mana cost at all ranks. Or better even, no mana cost at all. ESPECIALLY on a spammable ability. So, do you want Soraka to spam W or not? Because the cooldown says Yes, but the mana cost says No. And i assume that these changes have something to do with the "Windspeaker's Blessing" mastery. Alot of people are complaning that Soraka's heals are too strong. Ok, first of, her heals are not strong. In this ADC/Crit/Rageblade meta, where certain champions can shred your health ith 3/4 autoattacks. If you want to balance the game, BALANCE MASTERIES AROUND CHAMPIONS, NOT CHAMPIONS AROUND MASTERIES. Now, i am a Gold V Soraka main with over 100k mastery points, i carried myself from Bronze V to Gold V mainly using her. I've played against good Sorakas too. And i DO NOT find her the slighest bit OP. Not in Season 5, not now. She is not a PickOrBan tier champion, and 20% of the LoL community sees her as the weakest champion in the game. Because for some people only tanky one-shotters are seen as viable. But Soraka is not weak, nor is she strong. She is in a perfect spot for her role. She does not provide heavy CC. She does not provide crazy damage. She does not have insane mobility. She does what she does best. Making sure you don't die. And now, Riot, you decide to find her too strong? Really? After all this time since the rework. Since Starcall had a very small range and it dropped hundreds of tiny stars? Thank you for taking your time to read my post, and Riot, i hope you reconsider the changes. Otherwise, i'm just glad i reached Gold before you gutted my absolute favourite champion who i own ALL skins for.
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