Azir and his state in the game

I'd be lying if I say that isn't a salty post at all but I still try to lock at it in an objective manner. Azir had a slow start into the game but ultimately he turned out the be the king of mid, like most people expected from him. While I don't think there is anything wrong with champs that do well in different settings, Azir's kit (even without the knockup) still seems overloaded. I think one of the core problems is his safe laningphase, while he is one or the best apc late/mid game he doesn't seem to give that much up early. You could even make up an argument for him being some sort of a lane bully in special cases. There are a few champions who can -somewhat- go toe to toe with him (victor) but most champions can not. Even the few who have some kill pressure on him (Ahri, Zed), have extremely limited time windows to do so(his ult has low cd,can safe farm under turret, good mobility) and fall of horrible against him the later it goes. That's also because he's probably the champion who scales best with items and is ridiculous strong with just 2-3 core ones. That's it for now, I will update and edit this thread as soon as I'm done with work(probably tomorrow). Feel free to leave comments, suggestions and of course arguments. Have a lovely day! Edit: I don't think you can make cases where a champion is over powered and justify that with the difficulty to play him( I don't even think Azir is the hardest champ to play) A lot of his damage comes from auto attacks and those are not something i would call "hard to hit skills" (positioning yourself and your soldiers right IS). While I don't think his early damage is that bad at all(regarding his absurd range), it doesn't even matter as long as you can farm. You will outscale eventually. Another point is his insane speed at which he takes turrets, which makes roaming against him very dangerous because you always risk huge turret damage if you do so. Random fact: you get 20% attspeed at lvl1 from W => you can actually win pretty much every autoattack battle at lvl 1.
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