Dear Riot, match me with my MMR not my win-rate

Before you down vote me to oblivion hear me out please. You’ve all read the threads about how ranked feels like a coin flip (it is not). The problem to why ranked feels like a coin flip is because of how Riot tries to match you with other people. By now, most people know that Riot tries to get you on a 50% win-rate—this is an unhealthy practice that should be removed from the game. Because Riot is trying to match you up with people who can drag or pull your win-rate toward 50%, the game is rigged. Tell me how many times have you been on a win streak just to get into a losing streak? Why do you think all the secrecy about how MMR and match making is being done? I suggest instead of trying to get players to have a 50% win-rate, please do match making in a different way. I beg you. The game is just not fun and a coin flip at best. Even in normal I have noticed this happening to me. I don’t play ranked because it is not fun and so toxic because of your policy with how you want everyone to have 50% win-rate. People who deserve a 10% win-rate get 50% win-rate. People who deserve 70% win-rate get 50% win-rate. Tell me I am crazy, but this is not fear. Riot, start matching us up with our MMR not with our win-rate.
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