Slam Dunk Ivern - Massive FAIL!

I am sorry to say that there are three huge things that should have been applied to the Slam Dunk Ivern Skin (one is gameplay so is more to do with balancing, but I will add here anyway), and these "two" changes are why I did not buy the skin. 1) When Ivern roots a target and dashes to them, he does not perform a SLUM DUNK Like come on! what's the point of the skin then? Equally, when doing a dash and ranged auto, that first auto should be like a quick pass (or all ranged autos?) of a basketball 2) When Daisy does her knock up, the animation was not changed to her jumping in the air and dunking on those noobs! Again, why even have the skin? 3) More of a gameplay thing that I think would work nicely with Ivern (which synergises with the slam dunk concept) When Ivern roots a target, his next attack on that target could be empowered to deal bonus magic damage, based on the distance he travels while dashing towards them. This gives Ivern slightly more trading power and a reward for those riskier "In your face" plays which he should usually avoid. To keep him balanced, some power could be taken away from the initial root. Admittedly, I stopped playing Ivern when they took away Daisy's health regen, and only started playing him again recently (still prefer the health regen on Daisy, I felt that nerf gutted him too much and he never really rebalanced after that for non-pro players). But I still think that would be a creative expansion on to his kit. If all champions utilising the dash got bonus damage, that would also make sense, but probably be too over powered and require some serious gutting elsewhere, However, an outplay option of if Daisy hits a target twice, and then u redirect her with Root Caller, then she can instantly knock up an entirely different target, circumventing her three hit requirement on the same target, but requiring a lot of skill and foresight to pull off. Anyway, I might be asking too much in regards to the gameplay shift, but please, fix this skin, right now he's more like "point guard" Ivern, and you know that's not as good :/
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