Annie = Boring, Gimmicky and Unfun

She is in practically every game and I don't see why she should have a huge burst reward when she already has an AOE stun and an automatic stun every 4th attack. She should be nerfed hard since she is by her very natural toxic and uncounterable. All you tend to see in games now is Annie or Morgana constantly and they are NOT EVEN DESIGNED supports. Can Riot please redesign these champions so they can ONLY PLAY MID like you did with {{champion:16}} and {{champion:26}} ONLY being supports now. I mean you meta lock some champions but allow freedom and toxic combos for others and you wonder why people hate you. Its just all so biased, Annie is only popular because she is so spammable and yet you seem to think that popular champs shouldn't be nerfed as if every is going to leave the game if you do that. It happened with Lee Sin and his rework.
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