What's the deal with autofill?

I understand it's to shorten queue times, but Jesus Christ. It's unfair, totally. You're basically forcing players to play out of their comfort zone, giving them a much lesser chance of winning. I think people would rather wait an extra few minutes than play a role they absolutely suck at. You don't see pro players playing stupid roles they don't main do you? so why should we have to? It's unfair having to rely on your team to play well. especially in bronze-gold elo because let's face it, everyone plays bad in this elo. Unless you're smurfing of course. Another thing riot need to work out how to stop this. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that bronze-gold elo players have the off chance of bumping into a high elo smurf every now and then. Season 7 matchmaking is stupid in my opinion. season 6 was easy to climb now it seems much harder especially since this stupid lethality buff? Don't even get me started on Talons level 2 damage, and Katarina? Riot you got some explaining to do seriously.

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